Goodnesscities’ goal is to be the one of the preferred one-stop curated platform that provides customers with the best value for their money and an unparalleled online shopping experience.


  • Ensure customer satisfaction by offering only the best quality and service — delivering products that exceed the customer’s expectations and providing excellent service that reflects the company’s values;
  • Reinforce the value of family through a complete and convenient online shopping venue that customers from all over the world can use to buy gifts and other items for their loved ones;
  • Build strong long-term relationships with our suppliers and business partners;
  • Provide employees with opportunities for personal and professional growth;
  • Maximize returns for all the stakeholders in the company.


Our environment is everything that is encompassing us, which involves both living and nonliving elements such as soil, water, animals and plants, which adapt themselves to their surroundings. Our environment plays a vital role in life on the planet earth that we must take care of all time.
  • Customer Service Excellence: Delivering products and services that consistently exceed the demands and expectations of our customers;
  • Innovation and Technology: Continuously exploring innovative ways to bring meaningful and productive change into the organization;
  • Sincerity and Honesty: Committed to the highest standards, demonstrating honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business;
  • Spirit: Acknowledging every team member’s unique backgrounds, skills, and talents, we will encourage an atmosphere of caring individuals, enthusiastically working together to reach the company’s goals accomplishing as one team;
  • Philanthropy: In serving our  Goodnesscities communities, we aim to give back in significant, meaningful ways.
We believe small businesses are vital to our communities.

It’s why we come to work every day—to help independent shopkeepers, makers, and artisans build thriving and successful businesses.

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