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Expand your business with us with a good cause.

Are you a good entrepreneur using your business as an agent of change?                                          Our conscious consumers buy from businesses who are doing the right thing knowing their purchase can bring about lasting change and influence others.

The good ones

Are you one of the good entrepreneurs who are doing the right thing knowing that our purchase can bring about lasting impact and influence others with their choices as well.

Do you want to sell without the hassle?

Our team of experts will build the perfect shop for you! We’ll design your official Goodnesscities store page to be a reflection of yourself and all that you do.

Do business right, inspire others to do the same.

Our conscious consumers buy from entrepreneurs who are doing the proper thing; recognising their purchase can convey about lasting difference and influence the lives of others.

Do good, grow better

You are probably wondering...

What will happen after applying? is here to help you design your store page in as little time and with minimal cost! After a team member reaches out, we’ll build the site for free within seven business days.

How about charity?

Your brand is not only committed to providing the best products but also wants to give back. That’s why we implement a charitable component that will appeal your customers as well.

What is the commission structure of Goodnesscities?

Fee structure with a low and straightforward commission of 4% on each sales. Many marketplace platforms base their commission on a sliding scale. We offer one of the most competitive rates in our industry, so we make it easy for entrepreneurs to take advantage of this opportunity and use us as an alternative revenue stream!

How is the delivery?

No items are sent directly. They all come from the sellers on Goodnesscities’ marketplace!

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